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Smith Shoukai Co.,

78 matsushin,Okayama ,704-8174 Japan
‚eax +81-86-943-2752

We believe
that people are living to gain a sense of satisfaction.
Naturally each and every person has their own idea
on what that may be.With a suitable amount of supply,
individuals are able to choose what they are looking for.
It is our intention to provide support to those who gain
a sense of satisfaction in classic motorcycles.
The motorcycles on the modern day market are
high-tech pieces of technology
however they definately lack an artitic touch.
Presentry there are a great number of people
who are looking for motorcycles
to suit their level of sensitivity.
In reality however,those who do manage to get hold of
a classic motorcycle soon find that there is a lack of reliable,reasonablypriced spare parts and service availble.
At Smith&Co,we sell spare parts and provide service
for repairs to classic motorcycles,our main intention
being to provide satisfaction to our customers
with pertinent prices and high quality service.

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